I’ve been meaning to start blogging again. Every time I go on a new adventure, I tell myself I’m going to put together a cool post with some pretty pictures. Usually, I get distracted by about one million other things, and it falls by the wayside. Well, I’ve finally done it. For my birthday, my wife called my sister, a fellow photographer, and arranged a time for us to shoot together. With five kids between the two of us, time is at a premium, and the photoshoot was much appreciated. We met up in Rochester, NY, a midway point between our homes. We had both heard of the Rochester abandoned subway and chose it as our starting point. For anyone wondering whether it is worth a visit, I say yes. It far exceeded my expectations. In fact, we spent the whole morning taking it all in. The area is public property, and as far as I could tell by the other groups we encountered, is not illegal to visit. This makes it an accessible area for those not looking to break the law in order to get some very neat snapshots. this will probably end up being a two part post, as I have far more photos to edit, but here is a start.


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